The value of overall primary output from Irish agriculture is primary output is already more than three quarters of the way to its Food Harvest 2020 target while the value of both food and beverage exports and gross value added (GVA) is half-way there.

This is according to figures released recently by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney. Reacting to the figures he said: “I am pleased to report that the industry developed targets set out in Food Harvest 2020 continue to be achieved.”

Commenting on the extent to which new markets continue to be identified. Minister Coveney stated: “I am constantly seeking to develop relationships in new and expanding international markets for all Irish meats and dairy products, raising the profile of Ireland and increasing international confidence in Irish production and control systems.

“My aim is to build long-term trading relationships into the future in these sectors, particularly in new and emerging markets and since taking office I have led trade missions to China, the US, Algeria and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in the Middle East.”

The table illustrates the progress achieved on the headline targets as well as the current position in each of the main sectors.

Food harvest 2020

Source: DAFM