The day has finally arrived for thousands of students across the country as the Leaving Certificate agricultural science exam takes place this afternoon (June 20).

According to the State Examinations Commission (SEC), 7,791 students are due to sit this year’s written exam.

Both the higher and ordinary level papers will be sat between 2:00p.m and 4:30p.m today, with 4,557 male and 3,234 female students due to take on the exams.

Just over 7,000 students are expected to take on the higher level paper.

As part of the Leaving Cert curriculum, students have already submitted their project or ‘individual investigative study’ – focused on this year’s theme of ‘Conservation of the environment through Irish agricultural practice’.

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To take into account the disruption to teaching and learning experienced by the Leaving Certificate class of 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, extensive changes have been made to the written exam papers.

For agricultural science students, this year’s paper will include two sections with increased choice provided through the inclusion of additional questions.

In ‘section A’, students will be required to answer ten questions from a total of 12 choices, with each question carrying ten marks.

There will also be an increased choice for ‘section B’, with students to answer four questions from the six provided. Each question is worth a potential 50 marks.

Agriland wishes all students sitting their agricultural science exams today the very best of luck.

Meanwhile, Leaving Certificate Applied students already sat their agriculture/horticulture exam on Wednesday (June 15); the SEC said that 370 students were due to sit that paper.

This year, over 63,000 students are sitting their Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied written exams.

68,048 candidates are also sitting their Junior Cycle examinations.