There is a need to differentiate between “responsible and irresponsible” use of the herbicide glyphosate, according to Minister of State Andrew Doyle.

Doyle, who is also a candidate in the upcoming European Parliament elections, argued that, where a product has been accredited by the relevant authorities, in accordance with the established science, use of the product can continue.

Doyle was speaking at a debate of candidates for the Ireland South constituency, which was held on Tuesday, May 7, in Kilkenny. The event was organised by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

I don’t understand why we can’t differentiate between responsible and irresponsible use.

Doyle was responding to a question from the floor, which asked if the 13 candidates who attended the event would be “led by science” on this issue.

“All drugs, all medicines, all pesticides and herbicides that are used, whether it’s in humans or animals, are independently tested,” said Minister Doyle.

“We have drugs for diseases that aren’t tested that aren’t allowed into this country. Everything is tested [and] has to be approved for use, as per the instructions,” he added.

If we accept that the science protects us, then as long as we abide by those rules, we should believe that. It’s independently accredited by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, and by the European Food Safety Authority.

The majority of speakers at the meeting agreed that the scientific data on glyphosate should be followed, and that the use of the these products should not be prevented, at least not while there was “no alternative”.