A county councillor in Tipperary has voiced his frustration on the issue of illegal dumping following the discovery of bags of rubbish in the countryside which may have been linked to positive Covid-19 cases.

Taking to social media yesterday (Tuesday, January 19), Cllr Shane Lee, independent county councillor for the Thurles area of Tipperary County Council, posted a number of photos of dumped rubbish and a statement on the matter.

“Despite my best efforts this keeps happening – in the name of God who in the right frame of mind would carry out such a disgraceful act,” the Roscrea-based councillor said.

“We are absolutely blessed to have the [Roscrea] civic amenity site on our door step and to think, in this day an age, this keeps happening is absolutely shocking – when a lot of it is recyclable at €1 a bag.

€50,000 of tax payers’ money last year spent picking up after these animals…the challenges that Tipperary County Council Environment Section face when illegal dumping keeps happening in our country side is huge.

“Reports coming back that officers are now coming on what looks like remains from [Covid positive] homes, blankets, towel, pillows and others with vomit and all sorts.

“This is just absolutely ridiculous to think that people could carry on in this behaviour, what is the world coming to.

“In my own humble opinion the whole legislation around illegal dumping is way too soft.

There is not enough enforcement on these people.

“Yesterday at our Municipal District Meeting I supported a call from my fellow Cllr Lowry for Tipperary County Council the write to the Department of Environment and the Minister O’Brien to highlight our disappointment with the current legislation.

“This cannot continue,” the councillor concluded.