The results are in…how much are you paying for silage?

Last week AgriLand took a poll from readers: How much are you paying for silage? The results are in and the margins were tight, with a fairly even spread over the price categories.

AgriLand asked readers how much they were paying for 4X4 round bales of silage?
  • €20-25/bale;
  • €25-30/bale;
  • €30-35/bale;
  • €35-40/bale.

While the poll results were tight there was one clear front-runner among the prices. 32% of AgriLand’s readers, who took the poll, were paying €25-30/bale.

In second place, 24% of readers were paying €30-35/bale.

The higher – €35-40/bale – and lower – €20-25/bale – end of the price ranges both accounted for 22% of the vote.

Poll results:
  • €25-30/bale – 32%;
  • €30-35/bale – 24%;
  • €20-25/bale – 22%;
  • €35-40/bale – 22%.

2017 poll

AgriLand carried out a poll at the same time last year (December 20, 2017). Silage prices were significantly lower at that time.

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40% of readers who took the poll in December 2017 were paying €40/bale, while 53% of readers who took the poll were paying between €20/bale and €25/bale.

The results of that poll were as follows:
  • €30/bale – 40%;
  • €25/bale – 27%
  • €20/bale – 26%;
  • €15/bale – 6%.

Look for quality

AgriLand once again urges buyers to be cautious when parting with their money. A significant amount of silage was made in late-autumn and even into early winter, so make sure what you are buying was baled dry and is of good quality.