‘The latest attack on farmers’: Healy-Rae responds to An Taisce

The controversial green schools teacher resource pack, produced by An Taisce, which encourages students to eat less meat and dairy, has been slammed by independent TD Danny Healy-Rae.

The Kerry TD responded to the publication of the material in a statement saying:

“I am absolutely appalled and very angry about the latest development that An Taisce has provided teaching materials to schools encouraging students to reduce the volume of meat and dairy consumed.”

Deputy Healy-Rae said An Taisce has already inflicted “pain and misfortune” on young people and others in rural Ireland by blocking planning applications in rural areas “where people just look for a basic right to put a roof over their heads”.

It is absolutely ridiculous and downright unfair for the Government and Minister Bruton supporting this latest attack on farmers where children through our schools are being encouraged to reduce the volume of meat and dairy consumed.

The TD raised questions as to whether the material has been discussed by the Department of Education as part of the national education policies.

“Are parents allowed to have any say in what An Taisce and now the Government are doing – and most importantly are the medical professionals going to be consulted on the adverse effects this advice could have on our children’s health?

“It’s very clear that this Government, which is supported by Fianna Fáil in office, is anti-rural and anti-farmer – and will be judged as such in the very near future when they go before the electorate,” the deputy concluded.