Teagasc partners up with an ‘alternative’ EU research project

Teagasc has become a partner of an alternative European research project called CEreal REnaissance in Rural Europe (CERERE). The project aims to share practical knowledge across Europe on how to revive and commercialise organic/heritage cereals.

CERERE, with its sister project – Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network (SKIN), aims to emphasise the benefits of producers selling as directly as possible to consumers.

According to Teagasc’s Dr. John Hyland, the future of heritage grains in Ireland extends beyond bread-based products into Ireland’s craft beer industry in particular.

He believes that by farmers maintaining ownership of their products, producers can create and retain a greater portion of the profits.

He has also said that breweries have begun to increasingly use exclusively Irish grain in a bid to add differentiation and authenticity to their products.

For example, Dead Cert Brewing has developed its flagship beer – Marooned Oatmeal IPA – with oats produced by Pat Lalor. The beer is said to be “full of character” and consumers apparently “enjoy the IPA even more – knowing that local ingredients are what give the beer its distinctive silky appeal”.

Farmers, researchers and other cereal stakeholders will come together at a CERERE event in Galway on November 18 at TULCA – a festival of contemporary art.