In its latest advisory update for beef farmers, Teagasc highlights key new developments for beef farmers in 2015.

It says 2015 will see many changes at farm level as we experience the new CAP regime with the introduction of the new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Greening to replace the Single Farm Payment.

Teagasc also says it looks forward to the introduction of a new Beef Genomic/Beef Data Programme, which, as proposed, will deliver €100/eligible cow for the first 10 cows and €80/cow thereafter.

It says this programme, apart from providing much needed financial aid, will help to drive on the level of genetic gain in the beef herd, which has been almost stagnant.

Another new programme, due to commence this year, is the Knowledge Transfer Groups Programme. According to Teagasc it is the next progressive step in further developing the beef discussion groups that were started under the Beef Technology Adoption Programme (BTAP).

Although not fully finalised, Teagasc says farmers will receive an annual payment of around €750 for participating in groups and the programme will run for approximately three years.

Teagasc says in the new programme, farmers will complete a three-year farm plan with their facilitator. They will be required to complete an annual profit monitor, they will engage with their vet to have a herd health plan and ICBF data will be used to highlight a potential breeding plan for their farm.

It says it expects to get further clarification this month on the exact terms and conditions of both schemes and an indication of possible start dates. Either way, it says both programmes will be hugely beneficial to beef producers who avail of them.

There will also be an opportunity for new entrants to enter both programmes, Teagasc has said.