TD calls on new minister to ‘cut out half the red tape’ in the department

Newly-appointed Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Dara Calleary has been called on to “cut out half the bureaucracy and red tape” in the Department of Agriculture.

Independent TD for Tipperary Mattie McGrath made the calls in the Dáil this afternoon, Wednesday, July 15, following the announcement of Minister Calleary as Barry Cowen’s replacement in the portfolio.

‘Red tape’

Wishing the new minister luck with the agricultural brief and congratulating him on his appointment, deputy McGrath said:

“I look forward to working with him in these very difficult, challenging times with CAP [the Common Agricultural Policy] and with the demise of agriculture.

“If he makes one mark, if he can make one mark, it’s to cut out half the bureaucracy and red tape that’s involved in the Department of Agriculture.

Any scheme that goes out – how many of them are coming back with monies not drawn down because of simple, bureaucratic red tape?

Deputy McGrath then turned to the removal of Cowen from his role, adding:

“It has been a sad time for deputy Cowen and I want to wish him well, and his wife and his mother and his brother’s recovery.

‘Forensic examination’

“I actually knew and had engagements with his late dad Ber when he was minister for dogs at the time in the department of agriculture; he was a junior there and he often travelled to Clonmel to the greyhound track there.

I supported not having another debate on the question because we’ve a huge legislative programme, a huge lot of work to do.

“We had him in last week and got an apology for a crime that he committed; he did the crime and did the time.

“So if we’re going to have this forensic examination, any of us that ever robbed an orchard, are we going to be hauled in before the Oireachtas for a statement?” deputy McGrath queried.