Table: Which brand of tractor is the most popular second-hand import?

Figures released to AgriLand by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport reveal which brand was the most popular second-hand (used) imported tractor last year.

The data indicates that significantly more second-hand (used) New Holland tractors were imported into Ireland in 2018 than any other brand.

According to the department, a total of 2,198 second-hand (used) tractors were imported into the Republic of Ireland last year.

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Of these, approximately 692 were New Holland models.

Next up – but some way behind – was Massey Ferguson (about 350 tractors).

Image source: Shane Casey

This table (below) shows some of the data in much greater detail. However, there may be some anomalies in these figures; don’t neglect to read the accompanying qualifier (by scrolling down further).

Imported used tractors licensed for the first time in 2018:

Data source: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Important qualifier

Though not included in our table (above), the underlying data contained a limited number of entries that referred to self-propelled sprayers and/or telescopic handlers (telehandlers) – identifiable from the brand-names involved. For clarity, we’ve largely removed these.

However, in setting aside the JCB figure for example, not only has any reference to its imported telehandlers / loading shovels been removed but also its imported (Fastrac) tractors.

Moreover, it’s possible that some of the remaining listings in our table (above) include vehicles other than tractors (albeit in a relatively small number of cases).

It should also be noted that some of the classifications are outdated and may, in some limited instances, give rise to confusion or anomalies.

There are, for example, classifications for both Ford and New Holland – as there should be. However, for example, some older models might arguably be classed as either Fords or New Hollands – or both. Is this data accurate?

Similarly, there are classifications for both Valmet and Valtra – as there should be. Again, there was a period (in the transition from Valmet to Valtra Valmet and then, ultimately, Valtra) when such tractors might have fallen under either classification or both.

Also noteworthy is the situation whereby Case IH’s (founding and current) brands are individually listed as David Brown, International, Case and Case IH. Looking at the table (above), we suspect that some imported Case IH tractors have found their way into the Case category.

Interestingly, according to a departmental report – Irish Bulletin of Vehicle and Driver Statistics 2018 – over 75,000 tractors are licensed (taxed) for road use here in Ireland.