Supermac’s phased reopening ‘small step that might boost beef demand’

The move by Supermac’s to begin a phased reopening of its outlets has been welcomed as “one small step that might boost beef demand as we struggle to cope with the impacts of Covid-19” by the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).

Beginning today, Wednesday, April 22, a number of Supermac’s outlets will reopen their drive-thru, collection and delivery options on a phased basis, in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Commenting on this, ICSA beef chairman Edmund Graham said:

“We have to open restaurants and food-service operations in a realistic time frame.

Their closure has had devastating consequences, not only for their staff but for the wider economy and for the beef sector in particular.

“We also know that for every week they remain closed, those impacts are being compounded. Supermac’s has always been a big supporter of Irish beef producers and we commend them for that and for taking this move now.”

The news comes on the back of the announcement by Lidl that it has secured a deal to supply an additional €14 million worth of beef products for export purposes, in conjunction with Liffey Meats.

Continuing, the chairman said:

Again, this is some good news but ultimately, for it to be of any real benefit to the primary producer, it is incumbent on Liffey Meats to pay a fair price to their suppliers.

“Farmers cannot be expected to continue producing at below the cost of production,” Graham concluded.