Over 1,500 sheep were on offer at Raphoe Mart’s weekly sale on Monday, June 29.

According to the mart manager, Anne Harkin, there was a great trade on the day, especially for lambs, which resulted in a full clearance.

There were just over 1,100 lambs on offer on the day. Butcher lambs made from €112/head up to €116/head.

Factory-fit lambs sold from €100/head up to €112/head. Forward-type lambs weighing 38kg up to 42kg made from €90/head up to €100/head, with some quality lots exceeding the €100/head mark.

Store lamb prices ranged from €70/head for lambs weighing 27kg up to €90/head for lambs weighing up to 36kg.

Anne noted that one quality pen of ewe lambs weighing 35kg sold for €101/head.

In terms of cast ewes, heavy ewes topped out at €130/head on the day. Anne also noted a good trade for ewes with lambs at foot. Two ewes with four lambs at foot sold for €190/head, while two ewes with six lambs at foot sold for €215/head.

In general, prices for ewes with lambs at foot ranged from €140/head up to €220/head.

Sample lamb prices:

  • 40kg: €102/head;
  • 41kg: €105/head;
  • 34kg: €86/head;
  • 43kg: €109/head;
  • 36kg: €87/head;
  • 35kg: €86/head;
  • 45kg: €107/head.

Speaking to AgriLand about the trade on the day, Anne said: “We had an excellent trade on Monday, which resulted in a full clearance.

“We had a very large entry of lambs on the day. When the mart reopened after Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed we didn’t have big sales for the first few weeks, as farmers, I suppose, were a bit weary of how marts were going to be operating.

“However, over the last few weeks, we have had very big sales and the trade has been good.

There has been a strong demand for lambs, especially for the ‘middle-of-the-road lambs, which would be lambs that are in between feeding and finishing’.

“Farmers are back out in numbers again and they have been driving the trade for lighter lambs, in particular, over the last few weeks.

“Cast ewes were a solid trade on Monday. Heavy ewes topped out at €130/head. In general, stag ewe prices ranged from €70/head up to €130/head.

“We also had a selection of ewes with lambs at foot and, again, there was a good trade for these lots.”

Lambs penned at Raphoe Mart