Straw prices continue to average close to €20/bale

As we start the New Year straw prices continue to remain strong with 4X4 round bales making close to €20/bale across the country.

An increase in better quality feeding straw being advertised on Donedeal is evident of late, with sellers looking for a higher price for this straw compared to bedding straw.

As is generally the case, straw continues to be slightly cheaper in the east of the country, while most sellers on Donedeal are willing to deliver with prices varying depending in the distance of the journey.

Sample prices 4×4 round bales:
  • Kildare – €14
  • Louth – €22
  • Wexford – €20
  • Laois – €21
  • Monaghan – €20

Meanwhile, the larger square bales of straw are being advertised for close to €40/bale, right across the country.

Some sellers are putting a price difference of between €3-10 on bales of feeding or bedding straw.

The highest price being advertised on Donedeal for a large square bale of feeding straw is €50/bale.

Sample prices for large square bales.
  • Wexford – €32
  • Laois – €30
  • Wicklow – €40
  • Donegal – €50 

Adequate Domestic Supplies

There should be adequate domestic supplies of straw to deal with demand this year, according to the IFA Grain Committee Chairman, Liam Dunne.

“There is no panic out there yet, there has been no real winter storms and with December being so mild demand eased a little. 

“This cold weather isn’t expected to last too long, so we’ll be back to mild weather again and there isn’t much rain forecast.

It’s going to be tight, make no mistake about it, but we would be hopeful that there won’t be a shortage.

Weather conditions will play a significant role in the level of straw farmers will need to get them through the winter, Dunne said.

Conditions during the month of January will prove a good indication for the early part of the year, he added.

Comparison with Hay and Silage

Straw prices remain on a par with 4X4 round bales of silage, which are making between €20-25 right across the country.

Good quality hay is also making similar money to round bales of straw and silage at the moment, figures show.

Sellers in counties Mayo and Meath are advertising round bales of hay at €25/bale, while in counties Wexford and Laois straw bales are being sold for €20/bale.