Agricultural output prices have fallen while input prices have risen in July 2018, the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have revealed.

The agricultural output price index decreased by 0.8% in July 2018 compared with June 2018, the office announced in findings released today (Wednesday, September 12).

The agricultural input price index increased by 0.3% over the same period.

The resulting terms of trade index decreased by 1.1% in July 2018, according to the CSO.

Source: Central Statistics Office

On an annual basis, the agricultural input price index was up 5.7% in July 2018 compared with July 2017.

The agricultural output price index decreased by 4.1% in July 2018 compared with July 2017.

A further comparison of the July 2018 output sub-indices with the July 2017 sub-indices shows that pigs and milk decreased by 17.1% and 9.4% respectively.

Cattle and sheep also experienced price index decreases of 4.8% and 3.5% respectively.

Cereal output was more positive from a price index perspective. Cereals saw an increase of 5% – but the potato index skyrocketed by 125.4%.

On the input side, the largest increases were in energy and feeding stuffs which were up 14.9% and 7.3% respectively on July 2017 prices.

Straight feeding stuffs and feeding stuffs for pigs saw the highest gains of 11.8% and 12.5% respectively.

Motor fuels rose by  18% over the same time-frame, while fertilisers collectively saw a jump in index of 7.1%.