A new website has been launched to help inform and educate future source water improvement projects after the completion of a successful cross-border project.

Launched in 2017, Source to Tap was a €4.9 million cross-border partnership project aimed at improving water quality in rivers and lakes in the Derg and Erne catchments.

The project was delivered across five themes:

  • Learning for Water: Education;
  • Love Your Water: Citizen science;
  • Farming For Water: Agriculture;
  • Forests For Water: Forestry;
  • Peatlands for Water: Peatland restoration.

The website has been designed to make the outputs of the Source to Tap project accessible to everyone, allowing stakeholders across the water utility, scientific, policy, community and education sectors to benefit from the information generated by the project.

This website invites those with an interest to explore what Source to Tap has delivered, including the key outcomes and learnings from the project and how this can be replicated and applied in other river catchments.

Users can access information from one of three ‘portals’:

  • Water Professionals and Land Manager;
  • Farmers and Landowners;
  • Educators and Citizen Scientists.

In each portal, information from each of the relevant five themes of the project is organised for easy navigation and access.

Users can browse technical reports/scientific information such as detailed reports on the peatlands and forestry for water pilot studies or view supporting resources.

The site also gives access to videos of presentations and talks from the Source to Tap closing conference, which was held in Lough Erne Resort in Fermanagh in May 2022.