Calving season is fast approaching, and the attention on farms is now shifting to getting ready for the spring and the busy period that lies ahead.

On some farms, the calving season has started already with a number of early arrivals.

Ahead of what is a busy time on farms, there are some jobs that can be completed now to take the pressure off.


An outbreak of scour in the calf shed can increase the workload at an already-busy time of the year.

If scour is an issue on the farm, your cows should be vaccinated; the antibodies can then be passed from cow to calf through colostrum.

If scour is not an issue, you should still consider vaccinating your cows for scour to prevent an outbreak within the calf shed.

No farmer wants to be dealing with sick calves during the spring but it is – unfortunately – unlikely that it won’t be an issue.

So, in the event, sick calves should be isolated from the others. You can use a heat lamp or calf jacket to help keep them warm.

Calving ready

Ahead of the calving season you should have all the supplies required.

Calving sheds and calf sheds should be ready to go with power washing completed and disinfectant spread.

You can begin bedding some of the sheds ahead of the arrivals, to save time when calving begins.

Slurry spreading

The slurry ban for zone A and B has lifted. If you are planning on spreading slurry you should begin identifying the paddocks that are suitable.

You should walk these paddocks to make sure that they are travelable and that spreading slurry on these paddocks will not be wasted.

With fertiliser prices so high you need to make the most of your slurry and avoid putting it out for the sake of it.

Your slurry spreading needs to be targeted and you need to ensure you are obtaining benefits from the slurry you do spread.

Calving health check

Ahead of the busy period on farms it is always a good idea to have your own health check with a doctor.

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything it is that our health is our wealth.

You should get yourself checked before calving starts and you get too busy.