You don’t need to read this article to know that the land is wet, but if you want to see just how wet it is the soil moisture deficit (SMD) figures are below.

Wet weather has caused serious problems for winter cereal planting, potato digging and beet and maize harvesting. Livestock are also being housed countrywide.

Soils across the country are at field capacity, while a large proportion of soils are at and above saturation point.

Well-drained soils in the east of the country have passed saturation point on heavy soils around Co. Dublin and north Kildare. Well-drained soils at the top and bottom of the country are above field capacity, but have hit -3 in the north and -4 in the south.

Data takes similar trend

The data takes a similar pattern across soil types with the worst affected soils in the east of the country. Moderately and poorly drained soils in the east hit SMDs of -20 and -19 respectively.

The only soil type to remain below field capacity is in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, and it was a moderately-drained soil.

All SMD figures from Met Éireann can be seen in the maps below. The figures range from 1 to -20.

Data source: Met Éireann