Smaller, new-look Versatile tractors on the way?

According to Czech outlet Agroportal24h, Canadian manufacturer Versatile may be in the process of unveiling a new line-up of tractors – namely the Nemesis range (one of which is believed to be pictured above).

Versatile is best known for its existing high-horsepower tractors. For example, its DeltaTrack (rubber-tracked, articulated) models have rated power outputs from 520hp to 605hp.

Its wheeled, articulated tractors – referred to as 4WD (four-wheel-drive) models – stretch from 375hp to 460hp.

The company’s existing non-articulated tractors – referred to as MFWD (mechanical front-wheel-drive) models – span the 265-365hp bracket.

Bear in mind that, in North America, the term ‘4WD’ typically refers to big, articulated (equal-sized wheel) tractors. The term ‘MFWD’ usually refers to non-articulated tractors.

It is believed, but not confirmed by official sources, that the new Nemesis line-up will include six models – apparently from 175hp to 210hp.

Existing (larger) Versatile tractors are powered by Cummins engines. It’s not yet known what engines Nemesis models will be fitted with. In fact, at this early stage, very few technical details are known.

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Spotted in Co. Offaly

Closer to home, a massive Versatile 405 tractor (pictured below) was displayed at last September’s National Ploughing Championships – just outside Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

The tractor was shipped over to the event by JPM Agriculture – Versatile’s UK importer.

Interestingly, Versatile was bought out by Russian entity Rostselmash back in 2007.

Rostselmash is a Russian manufacturer of some considerable scale. The company produces large numbers of combines – and also self-propelled foragers – for its native market and the surrounding regions.

Rostselmash’s origins go back to the late 1920s; its first products were basic implements, including ploughs.

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Rostselmash continues to grow – with its sights set on countries dotted all over the globe. Meanwhile, Versatile is still based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its factory covers almost 700,000ft².