Sink or swim? New tracked Claas Jaguar is put to the test…

The new Claas Jaguar 960 Terra Trac was first seen at Agritechnica in Germany – late last year.

Claas claims that it is the first manufacturer to launch a forage harvester with a factory-integrated crawler track system. An “intelligent headland protection system” is claimed to prevent damage to grass covers – apparently enabling year-round operation.

Tests conducted by Kiel University of Applied Sciences have reportedly confirmed that, even when the crawler track system is used with the narrowest track version (635mm wide), the resulting contact area of more than 1.3m² is over twice that provided by 800mm-wide tyres.

Two other track variants, with widths of 735mm and 890mm, are also available.

A tyre pressure adjustment system is available ‘ex factory’ for the rear axle.

Protecting the headland

The headland protection system of the Terra Trac crawler drive system comes into its own in grassland, according to Claas.

During a turning manoeuvre, the support rollers in each track unit are pushed down hydraulically; the front drive roller is raised and the contact area is reduced by about a third.

This, says the company, results in the visible avoidance of damage to the grass cover by the shear effect when turning.

The chassis of the harvester has been extended by about 1m to accommodate the crawler tracks. A pivoting mounting system allows the track units to oscillate upwards by 10° and downwards by 13°.

Width on the road

On the road, the Jaguar 960 Terra Trac (equipped with 635mm-wide tracks) remains within an external width of 3m. With the ‘wide’ 890mm tracks, the machine remains within an external width of 3.5m.

The suspended chassis enables a top speed of 40kph.

Moreover, says Claas, the extended wheelbase results in a “significantly larger maintenance compartment”. The corn cracker (kernel processor), for example, can be removed “very easily” above the crawler track on the right-side.