Silage Extravaganza was tight for grass, but ‘awash’ with tractors

This year’s Silage Extravaganza (in Fethard, Co. Tipperary) was destined to be a somewhat subdued affair (due to the prolonged drought reducing grass growth to an almost unworkable level), but it still attracted a sizeable selection of tractors.

The event – chiefly comprising an extensive static display of tractors and machinery – took place yesterday (Sunday, July 29).

Tractors arrived from all over Ireland to take part. One of the most epic journeys was that undertaken by Robin and Catherine Patton (pictured above).

They drove their pair of beautifully restored International Harvester 674 tractors (pictured below) all the way from Co. Armagh. As they say, it’s “a long way to Tipperary”.

These were not the only tractors to travel down from Northern Ireland. A tremendous effort had been made to gather together as many County tractors in one field – to break the previous record of 64.

Some of these also came from north of the border. The existing record was duly broken; 99 turned up on the day.

It was not just the numbers that impressed though; it was the sheer variety of machines present that was equally as attention grabbing.

Countys were built to be tough machines; this ruggedness saw them pressed into service tackling roles that they were not always intended for (but were, nonetheless, entirely suited to).

Forestry was an obvious alternative market segment. There were plenty of adaptations on show for such activities, including an excellent James Jones Highlander conversion (pictured below).

It was not just about County ‘contraptions’ though. Massey Ferguson 65 tractors were also to the fore. There were 33 of these – in various states of repair or restoration (including some rather rare specimens).

Stay tuned to AgriLand for further coverage from the event, including extensive picture galleries depicting the veritable army of County and other machines present.