Lamb prices for tomorrow (Friday, August 5) are holding steady, with no change to report from what factories were offering at the beginning of the week.

Earlier in the week, factories had inflicted cuts of up to 20c/kg for lambs, which along with last week’s cuts had seen up to 60c/kg wiped off lamb prices in just over a week.

In less than a month, lamb prices have fallen by €1.00/kg or €21 on a 21kg carcass.

Base prices for today (Thursday, August 4) for lambs are ranging from €6.30-6.40/kg, with quality assured lambs moving at prices ranging from €6.40-6.50/kg.

Top prices for lambs are reported to be ranging from €6.50-6.60/kg in general.

Ewe prices unchanged also

Ewe prices are also unchanged from the start of the week, with base prices ranging from €3.30-3.40/kg.

Ewes have also been subject to price cuts, with prices falling back since early July also by 70c/kg, when base prices peaked at €4.00/kg. Since last week alone, ewe prices have fallen back 20c/kg.

Lamb prices at marts

Finished lamb prices at marts over the last few days have generally been ranging from €125-130/head up to €140-145/head.

Prices above this level have been confined to heavy lambs over 50kg attracting butcher interest. They have been selling, in cases, for over €150/head, while quality ewe lambs at and above this weight bracket have been selling for over €160/head in cases.

A strong trade is being seen for store lambs, with farmers out in force at marts, mart managers have been reporting.

Stores as light as 28-30kg have been trading from a start point of €75-80/head, up to €120-125/head for forward store types in the 38kg to 40-42kg weight bracket.

Light ewe lambs with breeding potential are making €5-10/head on the above prices.