The sheep trade this week is starting off on a weaker note, with prices back by up to 30c/kg on this time last week.

However, compared to late last week, prices for lambs are back anywhere from 10-20c/kg across meat processing plants.

Rumblings of price cuts filtered midway through last week with confirmation of prices being cut coming late last week.

One procurement manager speaking to Agriland said that lamb supplies aren’t an issue it’s getting them out the other end that is the problem, citing this as the reason for prices easing.

This day last week, Kildare Chilling had upped its base price for lambs by 10c/kg to €8.20/kg plus a 10c/kg quality assurance (QA) bonus.

Fast forward to now, and Kildare Chilling is back to a base of €7.90/kg plus a 10c/kg QA bonus for lambs.

Irish Country Meats is on a base of €7.80/kg plus a 10c/kg QA bonus for lambs.

All in all, base prices at the start of this week are ranging from €7.80/kg up to €7.90/kg for lambs when quotes from other factories are factored in.

At the top end of the market, this easing in prices has also been felt, with reports indicating top deals for lambs at €8.10-8.20/kg.

Hogget quotes from factories are ranging from €6.80/kg up to €7.00/kg, with top deals reported up to €7.20/kg.

The brightest trade is that of cull ewes, with base prices at €3.80-4.00/kg and deals being secured to as high as €4.20-4.30/kg.