The sheep trade is starting the week on a steady note, with lamb prices generally holding to the same levels as last week.

Base prices for lambs are ranging from €6.80/kg up to €7.10/kg – which is back 10c/kg from this time last week.

But those trading at the higher end of the market are continuing to secure returns – similar to last week – of €7.20-7.30/kg, with prices above this level less frequent, while many lambs are moving at and above €7.00/kg still.

Once again this week, factories are saying that they are seeing a lot of heavy lambs come through the system – which is leaving processors less than impressed.

The ewe trade remains much the same, with prices generally ranging from €3.20/kg up to €3.40/kg.

Mart sales held yesterday (Monday, January 10) once again reported a solid trade for finished lambs – with prices on par to last week generally.

‘Sell hard to maximise returns’

The sheep chair of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), Sean Dennehy, has urged farmers to continue to sell hard into what continues to be a strong market for lambs.

He said: “The general run of prices for lambs is ranging from €7.10-7.30/kg with deals north of this also being secured for larger lots.

“The ewe trade is also holding firm, with prices ranging from €3.20/kg up to €3.45/kg.

“With the trade holding at a strong level, farmers should continue to sell hard to maximise returns.”