Livestock-slaughtering data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) revealed that, in May 2021, sheep numbers were down when compared to May 2020, while cattle and pigs were up.

Livestock slaughterings. Image source: CSO

The number of sheep slaughtered was 210,600, down from 229,300 last year; cattle slaughterings were 135,400, up from 126,000 in 2020; and with pigs at 290,700 in May 2021, that marked an increase of 26,400 on the previous year.

An analysis of the data for May 2021 compared to May 2020 shows the following:

  • The number of sheep slaughtered fell by 8.2%;
  • Cattle slaughterings rose by 7.5%;
  • Pig slaughterings grew by 10.0%.

Six-month slaughtering numbers

In the six months from January to May (inclusive), sheep slaughterings fell by 8.6% when compared to the same period in 2020.

Other comparisons in that six-month period include:

  • Cattle slaughterings contracted by 5.9%;
  • The number of pigs slaughtered increased by 5.2%.
Image source: CSO

In April 2021, 206,000 sheep, 139,400 cattle and 312,600 pigs were slaughtered.

An analysis of slaughtering data for April 2021 compared to April 2020 shows the following:

  • The number of sheep slaughtered fell by 6.3%;
  • Cattle slaughterings rose by 13.6%;
  • Pig slaughterings grew by 7.4%.

Sheep slaughterings fell by 8.4% during the period January to April 2021, when compared to the corresponding period in 2020.