Last week’s cattle sale at Kilkenny Mart saw a larger showing of cattle than the previous week with over 900 head of cattle on offer.

According to a statement from Kilkenny Mart’s management, bullocks and heifers met “an excellent trade” across all weight categories and it was noted that 30% of all livestock sold were purchased via online bidding.

Kilkenny Mart heifers

In the beef heifer ring, the top price on the day was for two Limousin heifers averaging 645kg with the hammer falling at €1,880/head – a total of €2.91/kg.

Two Aberdeen Angus beef heifers at 545kg came in at €1,320/head – or €2.42/kg.

While a pair of Hereford heifers weighing 555kg sold at €1,220/head or €2.20/kg.


Meanwhile, in the bullock ring, the top price went to a 720kg Charolais bullock coming into €1,910 or €2.66/kg.

A group of six Aberdeen Angus bullocks weighing 620kg sold at €1,600/head or €2.58kg.

Four Friesian bullocks weighing 585kg sold for €1,290/head or €2.21/kg.

Buyer interest in all breeds of beef cattle remains strong but good-grading continental cattle and Angus cattle remain out in front in terms of price.

Cull cows at Kilkenny Mart

In the cow ring at Kilkenny Mart, Friesian cull cows traded from between €0.85/kg and €2.02/kg depending on weight and condition while continental cows, as expected, met a stronger trade ranging from €1.40-2.36/kg depending on weight and fat score.

Fewer cattle available

Meanwhile, on the factory front, despite the ongoing talk from procurement officers nationwide of an increase in cattle available for slaughter, it has been confirmed by Bord Bia, that the cattle supply available for slaughter is expected to take a hit by 100,000-120,000 head during 2021.

It has been no secret to beef farmers in Ireland over recent weeks that there has been a shortage of supplies available to meet demand, evident from the eagerness of factories to source cattle.