The prices paid for store lambs has risen slightly in the past week, with lots in some venues up by €5/head. This increase has occurred despite the inclement weather of the past weekend.

This increase comes on the back of strengthening factory prices with the majority of plants quoting 460-470c/kg.

Kenmare Mart had its biggest sheep sale in history with almost 3,300 lots on offer on Monday but, according to Mart Manager Dan McCarthy, the increased numbers did not dampen the trade.

The Mart Manager said there was a serious trade in the Kerry venue, especially for the Suffolk-type store lambs, with these lots selling from €2.00-2.10/kg. Sufflok lambs weighing 30kg made €60.

The demand for Scotch store lambs also remained strong as these lots sold from €1.70-1.80/kg, which is up by approximately €3-4/head on previous weeks.

The demand for store lambs was also matched for the factory lots which sold from €2.00-2.10/kg, said McCarthy.

A firm base remained under the cull ewe market with lots selling for €1/kg, these prices were also reflected in the brood ewe ring, said McCarthy.

Cross bred hoggets sold for €120-130/head, while the scotch types made €100-110/head.

There was 2,400 sheep on offer in Athenry Mart on Monday and, according to Mart Manager Alan Barry, cast ewes and factory lambs met with strong demand.

However, he added that the highest demand exists for the Suffolk type hogget ewes which sold from €135-162/head.

Factory lambs generally sold from 2.00-2.12/kg or €55 over, while the store lots made €44-45 over.

The trade for cull ewes also remained strong as these lots made €100-126/head.

There were 3,500 sheep on offer in Tullow on Tuesday, and according to the Mart Manager Eric Driver there was a good overall trade.

Heavy butcher-type lambs weighing 52-53kg sold to a tops of €108 or €2.06/kg, said Driver.

The good forward-type store lambs made €48-50 over, with one bunch of lambs weighing 44kg sold for €98. The very light type store lambs weighing 23kg sold for €70, while lambs weighing 33-34kg made in the region of €2.30/kg.

There was also a selection of ewe lambs suitable for breeding on offer, these lots sold for €2.91/kg or €128/head.

Hogget ewes in the Carlow venue sold to a tops of €198, while the better quality third and forth crops ewes made €130-165 each.

The trade for the cast ewes remained strong, the light feeder type ewes made €50/head while the best of the cull ewes made €130/head.

There was an improvement in the sheep trade in Dowra Mart on Saturday, according to the Mart Manager Terry McGovern store lambs had improved by €5-6/head.

Store lambs, which had previously made €65-66, increased in value by €5-6/head to reach €71-72. Fat lambs also increased, with these lots improving to a tops of €114, said McGovern.

However, he added that hogget ewes have slipped slightly with these lots now making €100-165, despite the drop in demand for the breeders the cast ewes had plenty of buyers.

The mountain types cast ewes made €35-55/head, while the crossbred lots sold for €70, the tops of the better quality fat cull ewes sold for €110/head.

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