On Wednesday, April 21, Agriland made the trip to Enniscorthy Mart, to cast an eye over the mart’s sheep sale.

A strong entry of spring lambs, cull ewes and ewes with lambs at foot was seen, while hogget numbers were small.

After the conclusion of the sale, Agriland caught up with the mart’s auctioneer, Myles Lambert, to get his views on the trade.

He said: “The ewe trade was back a bit, especially for the heavier types. Although, in saying that, across the board, we are still seeing an excellent trade for all types of sheep.

“The spring lambs and hoggets were very much on par with last week’s prices. The spring lambs sold up to €182/head for 55kg.

“However, the lighter spring lambs there today, when you work it out per kg, were that bit stronger of a trade.

“What I would say is that the farmers who lambed early; I think are coming to the end of what lambs they have, and I think it could be slow before we see another flurry of lambs coming through,” he continued.

“Looking at the hoggets, a fine pen of hoggets weighing 57kg sold for a top price of €181/head. Hogget numbers are continuing to dwindle week after week and are as good as wound-out now, but of what is left coming through the ring, they are still a very strong trade.

“Then for the ewes with lambs, again a good trade was seen. The younger ewes with strong lambs were commanding the strongest prices.”

L:R: Arthur O’Neil and Myles Lambert looking after the sheep sale at Enniscorthy Mart on Wednesday

‘Sheep farmers getting their turn of good prices’

Myles said that it is great to see how the sheep trade is performing currently, and that it was time sheep farmers got their turn of good prices.

He added: “Sheep farmers have been happy you could say for well over a year now, but especially over the last two months.

“The trade the last two months has been exceptionally good. Sheep farmers deserved their turn of good prices. They have been the poor relation for a long time now, so it’s well deserved and long may it continue,” Myles concluded.

Spring lambs in the ring at Enniscorthy Mart