Scattered showers and strong winds in store this weekend – Met Eireann

Scattered showers are forecast across the country this weekend, turning heavy in places while they will be accompanied by strong winds, according to Met Eireann.

Today, Friday, is forecast to be rather cloudy with rain and drizzle affecting southern and western counties.

Elsewhere will be mainly dry, however, outbreaks of rain or drizzle are to become more widespread in the evening.

Temperatures will vary between 15 and 17 degrees, while winds are set to be be generally fresh or strong but will reach gale force at times in exposed parts of the southwest and west.


Tomorrow, Saturday, will be mild and windy with outbreaks of rain, Met Eireann has said. This rain will turn heavy in some local areas, but will clear to showers later in the west. 

Highest temperatures of between 14 to 17 degrees are forecast, along with strong southerly winds.


Meanwhile, Sunday looks set to be a bright, cool and windy day. The strong west to southwest winds forecast will keep temperatures in the mid to low teens.

Spells of sunshine are set to be interrupted by scattered heavy showers of rain or hail during the day.

Outlook for next week

The outlook for next week is a continuation of mixed conditions across the Ireland thanks to a mobile Atlantic airflow, according to Met Eireann.

Early indications suggest there will be some sunny spells and good drying intervals. But these are set to be affected by spells of rain and passing showers at times.

Temperatures are expected to be around average for this time of year, while the next few days overall will be quite windy with gales at times along the coast.

Given the frequency of rain or showers in the days ahead, spells of good drying will be few and far between, Met Eireann has said, with these conditions also seriously hampering or preventing opportunities for spraying.

Field conditions and trafficability will be determined by soil type, as well drained and moderately drained soils are set to be trafficable for the time being.

On the other hand, land that is moderately and poorly drained will stay saturated with poor trafficability overall, according to the forecast.