Ruins of an old homestead and farm machinery have been uncovered by the Garda Air Support Unit in Co. Wicklow recently.

The ruins were discovered following the subsiding of lakes in the county recently, according to Gardai.

Images of the homestead foundations and an old-fashioned mowing bar were posted on social media by An Garda Siochana following the discoveries.



In statement on the matter, the An Garda Siochana Twitter account said: “While patrolling the Wicklow division the Garda Air Support Unit noticed the ruins of a homestead and a piece of farm machinery (mowing bar) on a raised piece of land which had previously been submerged in the lakes.”

Image source: An Garda Siochana Twitter page

The photos taken show the foundations outlining where walls once stood, with plant growth starting to appear on the site, underlining the continuing dipped water levels following the summer’s dry spell.

Image source: An Garda Siochana Twitter page

Blast from the past

The dry weather in recent months has also uncovered other “blasts from the past” around the country, with ancient archaeological features discovered in Co. Meath during the summer.

Back in July, “a giant henge” structure or “causeway enclosure” was found on a tillage farm close to Newgrange in Co. Meath.

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The outline of the possible historical monument was uncovered in drone imagery of a large enclosure within the UNESCO Bru na Boinne (Boyne valley tombs) World Heritage Site.

It is understood that the henge – estimated to measure up to 200m in diameter – could have been built some 500 years after Newgrange, which dates from 3,000BC.