While you may think that Tanasote copper-oil is a new wood preservative, it’s been trialled for several years across fencing, utility poles and track timber sites.

Back in 2018, Tim Bennett of Tim Bennett Farm Fencing agreed to trial Tanasote treated timber at a site in West Sussex.

This was a big commitment from the business, who have an enviable reputation spanning 35 years.

Director of Tim Bennett Farm Fencing, Tim Bennett

In 2022, Bennett spoke highly of the trial: “Tanasote® copper-oil does not ‘bleed’ from the timber during hot weather conditions, the treated timbers have no strong smell and they are easy to install.

“In my experience four years is enough time to detect a failing post. I can see no sign of failure on any Tanasote® post I have installed. There is no sign of plant and vegetation ‘burn’ around the base of the posts,” he said.

No cribbing with Tanasote copper-oil

Looking specifically at equestrian fencing, Tanasote-treated posts and rails have been installed in five UK locations.

Two of these sites are owned by Trojan Timber. Director, Sue Crane, explained why she wanted to observe first-hand how Tanasote® stood up against creosote:

“Because horse cribbing is a concern for the sector, we installed Tanasote at two sites – one home to a prolific chewer and one where horse cribbing has not previously been a concern.

“At the site where cribbing is an issue, Tanasote treated timber was installed not only in the paddock, close to sections where the horse had chewed, but also in his stable. All sections of the Tanasote treated timber remain untouched.”

To date, there is no evidence of cribbing on any of the Tanasote-treated fencing across all five UK sites.

All site owners have commented positively on the colour of the treated fencing post-installation.

General manager of Professional Paddock Care in Lincolnshire, April Hutson, who participated in the equestrian fencing trial said of the colour change:

“Colour-wise, the Tanasote treated fencing has changed from its initial bight green colour to an attractive dark brown.

“On site, four years after installation, the colour is looking very similar to the creosoted fencing adjacent to it. We keep checking for points of failure and dig the soil around ground contact. All is looking well with no signs of failure.”

To find out how Tanasote copper-oil is revolutionizing the timber fencing industry, and locate a supplier, visit www.trusttanasote.com