Revealed: The most popular dairy sires used in 2019

With the 2020 breeding season fast approaching, the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) have released a list of the most popular dairy AI sires used during the 2019 season.

Topping the table, is a graduate of Teagasc’s Next Generation herd, known as Nextgen PHC Eimer (FR2460) with an EBI of €258. This bull made up 5% of all dairy serves used.

Last year, according to the ICBF, the number of dairy serves recorded reached 855,859 head – this was 6% ahead of 2018 levels.

The top 10 dairy sires used in 2019 make up 33% of all dairy serves, as stated by the ICBF.

Following closely second, is son of Imleach Lucky Gloss, Diamond Anton (FR2239) with an EBI figure of €260. Also, making up almost 5% of all dairy serves.

Image source: ICBF. Top 10 AI bulls used in 2019

Taking third and fourth place respectively, is Oldcastletown Ronaldo (FR2298) – with an EBI ranking of €242 -and Craigtown Ronaldo (FR4338) – with an EBI figure of €239.

Next up is Gabriel Zoro (FR4337), followed by the bull with the highest EBI on the list, Ballygown Albert. This bull has an EBI of €305 and was the sixth most used sire in 2019.

As a team, the bulls have an average EBI of €250 between them – with an average milk sub index of €87. On the fertility sub index, they have a team average of €105.

These sires level of usage, the ICBF said, suggests that farmers are opting for high EBI when selecting bulls for the breeding season and using the index to drive genetic gain thus maximising profitability through genetics.

Moreover, the entity also suggested that farmers are opting for both high EBI daughter proven bulls and genomic sires.