AgriLand and the Irish Farm Film Producers Group Ltd. (IFFPG) have teamed up to provide farmers with an easy-to-use map of where they can recycle their old silage wrap and sheeting.

The map provides farmers with the locations, times and items that can be recycled in IFFPG Bring Centres throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Thousands of farmers have already delivered their farm plastics waste to the IFFPG-operated Bring Centres dotted around the country.

However, for farmers who have yet to deliver their old silage wrap and sheeting, these Bring Centres are set to close in the coming weeks.

Bring Centres have already closed in a number of areas, but farmers in the counties of Wexford, Kildare, Laois, Galway and Kerry still have time to deliver their farm plastics waste to a nearby location. Find your local farm plastics Bring Centre here

Cost of recycling

A wide range of items can be recycled through IFFPG – Ireland’s only approved farm plastics recycling compliance scheme – and it has been responsible for recycling over 250,000t of farm plastics waste since its establishment.

These include: silage wrap and sheeting; large fertiliser and feed bags (liners removed); small fertiliser and feed bags (including bulk liners); chemical drums (must be triple-rinsed); and netting and twine.

Silage wrap and sheeting can be delivered loose to the Bring Centres at a cost of €15 per 0.5t, but an IFFPG Label Code Number is required to prove you purchased the levied plastic.

Bale netting and twine can be recycled at a cost of €15 per half-tonne fertiliser/feed bag.

This is also the case for triple-rinsed chemical drums, half-tonne fertiliser/feed bags (liners removed) and small fertiliser/feed bags (liners from fertiliser bags and covers off fertiliser pallets can also be included).

Missed the Bring Centre in your county?

If you have missed the Bring Centre in your county, don’t worry. IFFPG also offers a “farm-yard collection service nationwide”.

Farmers who wish to avail of this service can contact IFFPG at: Locall 1890-300444.

The cost of this collection service at your farm yard is €40 per 0.5t of silage plastic (wrap and sheeting) with a valid six digit label code. Find your local farm plastics bring centre here