A person found to be responsible for the illegal dumping of a quantity of raw meat in south Tipperary has escaped legal proceedings and a fine, after the individual agreed to cover the clean-up costs.

A spokesperson for Tipperary County Council told Agriland that an investigation into the discovery of the pile of raw meat, at Longstone, Cullen in Co. Tipperary, led to the identification of the individual responsible.

This individual was jointly interviewed by the Tipperary county veterinary officer and an inspector from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, according to the council spokesperson.

“Due to the circumstances the person is under and, taking cognisance of their admission, and taking responsibility for clean-up costs, no legal proceedings will be taken at this time,” the spokesperson said.

A warning letter has been drafted and issued to the individual, notifying them that legal proceedings will be undertaken should they be involved in any future incidents of dumping/dumped meat.

The individual stated to the county veterinary officer that “it will never happen again”, the spokesperson added.

The discovery of the meat occurred earlier this month at Longstone, Cullen in south Tipperary.

It was removed from the location by a local knackery and disposed of on receipt of a complaint to Tipperary County Council.

The FSAI confirmed that it is supporting Tipperary County Council in relation to this incident, but was unable to comment further.