In response to the request for a stable sower that can work in wet conditions, the Quad-X has designed a spreader to have an extra wide axle which, coupled with the low height of the hopper, makes for a sower that is very stable the company says.

Quad-X have also recently re-engineered their handy six-bag sower to comprise 12 product improvements, including knobby tyres, wider wheel base and dished spinner for excellent spread widths.

Northern Irish manufacturer Quad-X says that the only way for many farmers to carry out early sowing on many areas of pasture will be using an ATV, given the incessant rainfall over the winter months.

The Quad-X plastic coated sower has the lowest fill height of any ATV fertiliser spreader and saves those back-breaking stretches to reach the hopper with 50kg bags balancing on your shoulder, it says, and an average man can fill the Quad-X 7 bag sower with the bag lifted to between waist and chest height.

With 350kg capacity and optional extension sides to carry 500kg or 600kg the Quad-X sower is designed for using with large half ton or 600kg bags of fertiliser. This machine is ground driven and has an adjustable spreading width.

The Quad-X Electro-Broadcaster is designed to sow a wide range of seeds, granular fertilisers and slug pellets.

The motorised spreader is, the company says, the ideal size to sow a 50kg fertiliser bag, with a 25kg model also available. The Electro-Broadcaster is fitted with a low-profile 12 volt motor attached to the spinner. It comes complete with a universal mount system, with a revised lower mount position for optimum spreading up to 24m.

The spinner speed is independent of driving speed and the hopper itself has an agitator inside which helps eliminate clumps making sure that there is a continuous flow and even spread, Quad-X says.