Putting out the real facts on meat and dairy

Ireland is behind when it comes to marketing the benefits of meat and dairy, according to Bórd Bia CEO Tara McCarthy.

It was with this that she added that a new group will be launched in October – Meat and Dairy Facts. This will bring members of both industries together to deliver messages on the positive aspects of these products from an environmental, animal welfare and human health point of view.

Tara outlined that an agency on its own can be undermined. She added that these members need to “come together with facts”.

Tara stated that the group will aim to provide a united and common goal and show the human-health benefits of meat and dairy. She added that the industry needs to “showcase our pride on how we treat our animals in Ireland”.

She continued on to say that there isn’t a balanced debate at the minute and that much of the information is misinformation. She added that human health is suffering as a result.

What this is about is being proactive and balancing the debate.

Tara added that Ireland has a lot of catching up to do. She noted the information is out there, but it’s packaged in the wrong way. This group will strive to promote the benefits and inform the consumer with facts.