The Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI) has launched a public consultation to gather feedback on its revised draft Codes of Professional Conduct.

The public consultation will take the form of three separate surveys, one each for members of the public and stakeholders, veterinary practitioners, and veterinary nurses.

The VCI is encouraging members of the public, stakeholders and industry professionals to provide their views on the council’s revised draft Codes of Professional Conduct before the deadline of 5:00p.m on Wednesday, October 13.

Veterinary survey

The surveys ask for the views of respondents on the council’s revised draft Codes of Professional Conduct, which cover key areas including:

  • Animal health and welfare;
  • Animals under care;
  • One Health One Welfare;
  • 24-hour emergency cover;
  • Responsible use of medicines;
  • Communication;
  • Veterinary telemedicine;
  • Integrity of food/certification;
  • Records/informed consent;
  • Duty to society.

The surveys form part of a complete and substantial review being undertaken of the VCI’s Codes of Professional Conduct for veterinary practitioners and nurses.

They can be accessed through the below links:

Codes of Professional Conduct

This is the first complete review of the codes undertaken in 10 years. In June 2020, the council established a ‘working group’ to consider the codes, to ensure their content, format and presentation meet the current and foreseeable needs of all veterinary professionals and the public.

Earlier this month, the VCI also hosted a focus group event comprising several representatives of stakeholder organisations from across the agricultural and veterinary industries, to discuss key sections of the Codes of Conduct.

The VCI said that it is intended that the revised Codes of Professional Conduct will include straightforward guidance on the principles of ethical vet care, which are in line with best practice internationally.

Niamh Muldoon, CEO and registrar of the VCI, said: “This period of public consultation is an essential part of the review process for our revised draft Codes of Professional Conduct.

“It enables members of the public, stakeholders, and veterinary professionals to provide their views and input on the codes which are binding on all registrants.

“This is a valuable opportunity for the council to engage with these groups, and we would like to thank everyone who attended the focus group event and have provided their input on the codes to date, their views are valued and appreciated,” she added.