Ration prices are variable across the country and it pays to shop around. This is especially applicable this year, as some farmers have housed animals earlier than usual.

AgriLand recently did a round-up of three rations, including: a beef-finishing ration (14% protein); a weanling ration (16% protein); and a high-maize ration (30% maize). All prices quoted were for feed paid for on the day of purchase.

It should be noted that meals will vary between suppliers and AgriLand did not look for any detailed ingredients. The prices were based on protein or maize contents and fell into the categories of beef-finishing, weanling and high-maize rations.

Farmers should look closely at ingredients and choose a feed to suit their own farming system. Choosing the correct ration can help to keep overall feed costs to a minimum.

Beef-finishing ration

The lowest price quoted for a beef-finishing ration of 14% protein was €230/t. €235/t was the standard price.

Weanling ration

Weanling rations (16% protein) varied largely in price. The lowest price quoted was €223/t, while the highest price quoted was €265/t. Other prices for weanling rations were somewhere in the middle at €240-245/t.

High-maize ration

Prices for high-maize rations, with a maize content of 30%, weren’t as variable. The lowest price quoted was €235/t, while the highest price quoted was €240/t.

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