Prices: Beet going for €55/t in some cases

Fodder beet prices are reflective of demand and this year’s crop yield, which is down significantly. Very little beet is being advertised for sale at present.

Yield’s are down across the country and many farmers will struggle to supply regular customers as they either have no surplus to sell or are seeing how the year progresses.

As a result of the good year, many farmers are buying unwashed beet.

Beet prices in the Laois/Kildare area have been reported at €55/t (washed) in some cases.

The lowest price that AgriLand came across was €40/t in Co. Cork, while beet was available in Co. Laois for €45/t.

In general it is washed beet that is selling over the €50/t mark. Washed beet in Co. Carlow was selling for €54/t, while it was at €52/t in Co. Offaly.

However, many farmers are selling clean beet (unwashed) for as much as €50/t. Farmers in counties Meath and Galway were selling clean beet for €50/t.

Washed beet was also available in Co. Galway for the same price of €50/t.

Demand is strong in counties like Tipperary and Waterford. Clean beet (loaded) was selling for €50/t (not washed) and €5-7/t could be added to this for delivery within a relatively close distance.

Clean beet in Co. Kildare is selling for €50/t and being delivered for between €60/t and €65/t as far as counties Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick.

Further north beet loaded with a cleaner loader is making €50/t and €55/t washed in some parts.