President Higgins: ‘Family farms entitled to fair return’

In his speech at the opening of ‘Ploughing 2019’, President Michael D. Higgins made reference to the ongoing discussion in the beef sector on producer, processor and retailer margins.

He told attendees at ‘Ploughing 2019’ that “family farms are entitled to a fair return from what they produce”.

Continuing, the president said: “I welcome the public discussion on what is a fair share of return between producer, processor, retailer and consumer.

All of our wishes go out to those who want to see a future for the family farm and I do wish those who are trying to solve things every success.

Continuing, President Higgins said: “One word of advice from someone with my experience to simply say if it can’t be solved by what’s on offer – it’s a beginning and beginnings are important.”

He expressed optimism and told attendees: “I hope at the end of the ‘Ploughing’ you will all know how the contribution is divided between the agent of production – the farmer, the processor and the retailer.

Everybody should know more and when we know more you can make good decisions.

President Higgins explained: “I think it’s very important for people not to just pay lip service to farming. We will have to support farming and rural Ireland. This is an opportunity for town and country to forget divides because no one is too far from the land.”

Concluding, he said: “We must all work together to be able to create a future for rural Ireland and for farming which is at its heart and those who do the work, who are entitled to their fair share.”