Pottinger mows and groups your grass or whole-crop…with less weight and power

One of the latest developments from Pottinger enables swaths (windrows) from its mowers to be merged for the first time without a belt-type grouper.

The Cross Flow auger merges the swath immediately after mowing. The Novacat A10 and Novacat 352 mowers are available with this system.

Pottinger Novacat A10 Cross Flow will make its Irish debut at the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show in Punchestown (near Naas, Co. Kildare) on February 7, 8 and 9.

Feedback from farmers formed the basis for this development, following calls for a cost-effective and straightforward system for swath merging (grouping) suited to simple rear-mounted mowers.

A Pottinger Novacat 352 Cross Flow in action

The Cross Flow auger system works without a conditioner; its key selling point (over belt/conveyor type groupers) is its light weight. A rear-mounted mower (a simple unit with no conditioner) with Cross Flow is a light machine.

A close-up of the Cross Flow (auger-type) swath merger/grouper

This, says Pottinger Ireland’s Paul Wilson, means that the machine is suitable for smaller tractors. It also means that a much lighter footprint is left on the ground – a major concern for farmers wanting to protect their fields and their livelihoods.

This video (below) shows a Pottinger Novacat A10 Cross Flow in action.

Less weight; less energy

Compared to belt/conveyor type groupers, the Cross Flow auger consumes 20% less power. And, because no conditioner is needed, the forage is handled with care.

This means that a Pottinger Novacat mower equipped with Cross Flow is equally at home handling grass or whole-crop silage.

If you combine the Novacat A10 Cross Flow with a 3m-wide front mower, you can mow 19m in two passes, with both swaths placed within a width of approximately 12m.

Or you can combine a Novacat 352 Cross Flow with a (3m) front-mounted mower to mow a width of 12m in two passes (with both swaths placed within a width of about 6m).

Combining a Pottinger Novacat 352 Cross Flow with a (3m) front-mounted mower

Don’t forget to check out the Pottinger Novacat A10 Cross Flow at the show; you’ll also have a chance to meet the Pottinger Ireland team.

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