PICS: JCB release new models in the Fastrac range

With JCB celebrating 25 years of Fastrac production in 2016 it has decided to release two new models in the 8000 series range.

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Source: JCB

The new 8290 and 8330 models have an 8.4L, six-cylinder Sisu engine which is owned by Agco. These models have a rated power of 280 horsepower and 335 horsepower respectively.

These tractors are capable of 70kph road speeds while there unique suspension gives superior handling and stability, JCB says.

Source: JCB
Source: JCB

The new Fastrac is equipped with external disc brakes and twin calipers which provide unrivalled stopping power, the manufacturer says.

Meanwhile, its rapid Steer option reduces lock to lock turn by 50% for faster headland turns.

The Fastrac design also incorporates driver comfort, with all-round suspension and mid-mounted cab while the 70 degree seat rotation significantly reduces driver fatigue.

Source: JCB
Source: JCB

JCB outlined that the 50:50 weight distribution and Activ Traction is perfect for heavy draft applications, while the faster road and in-field speeds, in certain applications, can enable an operator to get more done in a day.

Safety has not been overlooked either, with the four-wheel disc brakes stopping a Fastrac consistently quicker than any conventional tractor, the manufacturer says.

The tractor is also equipped with truck standard air braking and ABS which provides exceptional tractor and trailer stopping power.


The operator has superior all-round visibility thanks to additional glass, while the exclusive hydrostatic dual steering system meets the highest safety standards required for high speed travel, it says.

The Fastrac’s purpose-designed chassis gives more implement mounting versatility than any other tractor in its class, it added.

The new models have a powerful rear hitch combined with optimum linkage geometry which can lifts up to 10,000kg, while the front linkage has a maximum capacity of 3,500kg.