Pics: Haulier stopped for not having bales secured properly

A haulier in Cork City was stopped by the Gardai over the weekend for travelling with a load of 28 bales which were not secured properly.

The load weighed approximately 20t, according to the Garda Twitter account, and was deemed unsecured with only five ratchet straps attached. 

However, the haulier was not fined or reprimanded for the offence and was instead advised by the Gardai to secure loads properly in the future.

Earlier this year, a haulier in Tallaght was pulled over by Gardai which had an unsecure load due to a deflated tyre.

The Gardai reminded farmers to always safety check your vehicle at regular intervals while drawing fodder.

On the same day in July, a farmer in Askeaton, Co. Limerick was stopped for only having one strap used to secure a load which appears to have 17 bales.

The tractor and trailer was stopped on the N21 and as the tweet below shows, the top row of bales was left totally unsecured.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has previously said that a load shall not be carried on a vehicle on a public road in such a manner that part of the load is liable to fall on the road.

A load must not drag on the surface of the road, so as to cause damage to the road or to be liable to cause danger, it also advises.

Operators or drivers should employ a load restraint method suitable to the load being carried, according to the RSA.

Dimensional Limits

Dimensional limits that apply to agricultural vehicles as of January 1, 2016:


12 metres (or 18.75 metres when combined – i.e. tractor and trailer or other interchangeable towed equipment).


4.65 metres. Trailers used to transport loads of baled agricultural produce such as hay or straw etc. are exempt from this height limitation.


-Agricultural tractors and trailers – 2.55 metres;
-Large tractors – tractors with a laden weight exceeding 7.52 tonnes – 2.75 metres;
-Tractors with flotation tyres or dual wheel systems – 3.5 metres; and
-Fully mounted equipment and interchangeable towed equipment – 3.0 metres.