Agriland headed out west once again this week, to take in the trade at Roscommon Mart’s weekly sheep sale on Wednesday (June 9).

The sale was dominated by lambs, followed by cull ewes and a few pens of ewes with lambs at foot. One hogget was all that was on offer; it weighed 60kg and sold for €156/head.

After seeing the lamb trade dip last week, prices improved slightly this week at Roscommon Mart, while similarly, an improved trade was also seen for cull ewes.

Lambs saw an improved trade

The bulk of the sale on Wednesday at Roscommon Mart was made up of lambs, specifically factory-type lambs.

A couple of heavy, butcher-type lambs were on show, and sold to a high of €159/head.

The general run of prices for those heavier-type lambs ranged from €154/head, up to €159/head.

Factory lambs traded from €140/head, up to a tops of €159/head. Although, in the majority of cases, prices started from €149/head and made up to €157/head for well-fleshed types.

There weren’t too many store lambs on offer. Prices ranged from €94/head for 30kg up to €125/head for 39.5kg.

Cull ewes sold up to €170/head

An improved trade was also seen for cull ewes at Roscommon Mart this week. The majority of ewes on offer consisted of heavier types.

The top price on the day was seen for one heavy ewe that sold for €170.

The general run of prices for those heavier ewes ranged from €136/head up to €164/head, in general. Store ewes sold back to €56/head and made up to €116/head.

Ewes with lambs at foot make up to €365/unit

A very good trade was seen for ewes with lambs at foot, with numbers quite strong for the time of year.

All lots on offer consisted of strong lambs and were met with a very good demand, with prices topping €365/unit.

Ewes with single lambs made up to €235/unit, while ewes with twin lambs at foot, as mentioned, made up to €365/unit.