Pics and prices: Ewe lambs and hoggets the highlight of the sale at Blessington Mart

A Suffolk cross Cheviot ewe lamb and ewe hogget show and sale was held at Blessington Mart alongside its weekly sheep sale on Tuesday last, August 11.

There was a strong demand for ewe lambs fit for breeding, store lambs and hoggets on the day, which led to a very lively trade.

On account of the closure of Kildare Chilling due to a coronavirus outbreak last week, the number of factory-type lambs and heavy ewes on offer were minimal.

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It was also the mart’s first sale where facemasks were compulsory to wear. Farmers were met at the entrance of the mart to make sure that they had a facemask to wear before entering the mart.

Furthermore, strict social distancing measures were also in place, which have been a common theme in marts across the country ever since Covid-19 struck in Ireland.

Anyone attending the mart on Tuesday had to wear a facemask as per government guidelines

‘Speckled-faced’ ewe lambs

The Suffolk cross Cheviot ewe lamb and hogget show and sale drew a strong crowd on the day.

‘Speckled-faced ewe lambs were in strong demand. Suffolk cross ewe lamb prices ranged from €100/head up to €165/head. However, the bulk of these types sold from €120/head up to €140/head.

This lot of 20 ewe lambs weighing 44.5kg went under the hammer for €157/head

Sample Suffolk cross ewe lamb prices:

  • 15 ewe lambs weighing 49.5kg sold for €130/head;
  • 15 ewe lambs weighing 45.4kg sold for €122/head;
  • 15 ewe lambs weighing 40kg sold for €120/head;
  • 15 ewe lambs weighing 39kg sold for €106/head;
  • 15 ewe lambs weighing 50kg sold for €133/head.

Ewe hoggets

There was a good showing of breeding hoggets on offer at Blessington on Tuesday last. Prices for these lots ranged from €142/head up to €272/head.

Although, in the main, the majority of hoggets went under the hammer for €170/head up to €210/head.

There was a high clearance rate in this section, with very few pens going unsold.

Click on a thumbnail in the gallery (below) to open up a full-size image; once opened you can scroll sideways to see the next picture. Refer to each caption to see details of each lot, including the sale price.

Store lambs

There was a strong interest for store lambs on Tuesday last, with lighter lots in particular catching the eye.

In general, forward-type store lambs weighing between 39kg and 42kg sold from €85/head up to €94/head.

Lambs weighing between 33kg and 38kg generally made from €79/head up to €86/head, while lighter store lambs sold back to €49/head.

There was a ‘good bite’ for lighter lots as mentioned already, with lambs weighing between 25kg and 30kg making upwards of €70/head.

It’s worth noting that the majority of the stores that were on offer consisted mainly of ewe lambs.

Factory lambs

As mentioned already, factory-type lambs were in short supply last Tuesday.

In general, prices for these lots ranged from €94/head up to a top price of €111/head.

Sample factory-fit lamb prices: 

  • Three lambs weighing 48.5kg sold for €100/head;
  • Three lambs weighing 45kg sold for €97/head;
  • Seven lambs weighing 43.5kg sold for €94/head;
  • 10 lambs weighing 45kg sold for €101/head.

Cast ewes

The majority of cast ewes that were on offer last Tuesday at Blessington Mart consisted of feeding-type ewes, with only a handful of heavy ewes on show.

In general, the few heavy ewes that were on offer sold from €110/head up to €120/head, while store ewes made from €64/head up to €100/head.

Sample cast ewe prices:

  • Two well-fleshed Suffolk ewes sold for €120/head;
  • Four aged, yet well-fleshed, Cheviot ewes sold for €114/head;
  • Two forward store Suffolk ewes sold for €95/head;
  • Two forward store Cheviot ewes sold for €94/head.