Pat Smith’s salary has been revealed at a special sitting of the IFA Executive Council in Portlaoise today.

The former General Secretary of the IFA’s 2013 salary was €542,634 in total – including a basic salary of €295,000, a €145,194 pension contribution and a €55,000 bonus as well as a €35,000 sum from IFA telecom.

Smith’s 2014 remuneration was also revealed at the meeting – it was €452,484. This comprised a €295,000 basic salary, along with a €145,194 pension contribution. Both years also saw Smith enjoy the use of a company car.

The meeting in Portlaoise is still ongoing, after starting at approximately 15.20 today. Executive Council from all over the country met in Portlaoise in the wake of Smith’s resignation yesterday.

His resignation comes following calls from grassroot members of the IFA and a senior member of the organisation to make known to its Executive Council the salary of key management personnel including that of Mr Smith.

Allegations of Smith’s salary were first brought into the public light by IFA Carlow Chairman Derek Deane and published by Agriland.

The figures – initially thought to be in the region of €400,000 provoked an outcry from grassroot members of IFA across the country in recent days, culminating in the resignation of Smith on Thursday.