Over 705 million eggs were purchased in Ireland in the last year – an increase from 656 million the year before.

Bord Bia is encouraging people to ‘crack on’ and take advantage of eggs as fuel for a busy lifestyle.

It has partnered with Irish Olympians Rob and Marian Heffernan, and their children Cathal, Ireland U17 international defender and Meghan, who plays for Cork City WFC, to highlight “how versatile and nutritious” eggs can be for a range of meals, including before and after physical activity.

Rob said that for sportspeople, having “enough high-quality protein in your diet is essential and it’s something we’re always conscious of”.

Bord Bia brand manager Hylda Adams said that 91% of Irish people are eating eggs weekly, and that for World Egg Day (October 8), Bord Bia is encouraging consumers to look for the Quality Mark in shops when buying them.

Nutritional value

Eggs are high in protein – the “best form of protein important for muscle growth and maintenance”, according to Bord Bia. An average egg contains about 70kcal and 6g protein.

When it comes to Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – “most Irish people don’t get enough of this important vitamin but two eggs give you a third of what you need in a day. Sunny side up please”, Bord Bia said.

They are also rich in Vitamin B12, which is an essential nutrient for nerve function, with Bord Bia noting that two provide you with all you need in a day.

Two eggs provide as much iron as 100g of spinach. They also contain over a third of the daily requirement of selenium and iodine needed for healthy thyroid function and immunity.