Over 50% of TAMS II approvals have now issued to farmers

Some 3,834 TAMS II approvals under tranches one and two have issued to farmers to date, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed to Agriland.

Under the three tranches of TAMS II, some 7,161 farmers have applied with 2,951 applications received under the first tranche of TAMS, 2,210 under the second and 2,000 under the third.

Approvals are yet to begin for the third tranche of the scheme.

The Dairy Equipment Scheme continues to have the most amount of approvals so far, with 1,422 issuing to date.

Under the Animal Welfare Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme, some 966 approvals have issued while a total of 786 approvals have issued under the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme.

Some 388 approvals have been issued to farmers under the Low Emission Slurry Spreading Equipment Scheme.

Under the Organic Capital Investment Scheme and Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme some 225 and 47 approvals have issued.

TAMS payment claims

Meanwhile, 60 claims have been finalised under TAMS II to date and payments are being processed on an ongoing basis, the Department has said.

Some 403 payment claims have been created but not yet finalised on the Department’s online payments system.

Under TAMS II, individual farmers can apply for grant aid of 40% on investments up to a ceiling of €80,000, this is a maximum individual payment of €32,000.

Farmers who reach this grant aid ceiling are not eligible to apply for any other of the TAMS II schemes with the exception of the Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS).

For those farmers in a registered farm partnership with the Department of Agriculture, they can avail of grant aid to the value of €160,000. This applies to applications with two or more eligible partners.

Partnerships containing one qualifying young farmer grant aid will be paid at 60% on the first €80,000 and 40% for the remaining balance.