Over 450 farmers have applied for new slurry equipment grants (Here’s what’s available)

There have been in excess of 450 applications to date to the Low Emission Slurry Spreading Scheme, according to the Department of Agriculture.

It provides grant aid to farmers for the purchase of slurry tankers and umbilical system, using one of following attachments (trailing shoe, shallow injection, dribble bar)

In the case of an individual applicant or company, the maximum grant amount payable is 40% on costs up to the ceiling of €40,000. In the case of DAFM-registered partnerships, the maximum grant amount payable for two or more eligible partners is 40% on costs up to the ceiling of €60,000.

The minimum amount of investment, which is eligible for approval under this Scheme, is €5,000
per application. Grant aid will not be paid for second-hand materials or equipment.

Eligible young farmers can avial of grant aid of 60%.

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Equipment eligible for grant aid

New tanker fitted with the following:

  • Dribble bar spreader
  • Shallow injection spreader
  • Trailing shoe spreader

Umbilical slurry spreading system (base pump, hose reel, maximum of 500m Lay Flat Hose and all fittings) with the following:

  • Dribble bar spreader
  • Shallow injection spreader
  • Trailing shoe spreader

Retrofitting of existing tanker with the following:

  • Dribble bar spreader 40%

Grant aid is only available for the purchase of a slurry tanker or umbilical slurry spreading system if it
includes one of the following spreaders: a) dribble bar (or band spreader), b) shallow injection attachment or C) trailing shoe (or trailing foot).

An application is ineligible if one of the spreaders listed above is not purchased.

An umbilical slurry spreading system shall comprise of a base pump, hose reel, hose (maximum of 1,000m eligible for grant aid) fittings and spreader.

A slurry tanker must have a spreader fitted and cannot be fitted with a rain gun. An existing tanker can
only be retrofitted with a dribble bar spreader.

Key points to know about the TAMS II Scheme:

  • 60% grant aid for young farmers;
  • 40% grant aid for all other schemes;
  • compulsory ranking and selection of all applications;
  • applications must use standard costings for each investment;
  • applicants have three years to complete the project applied for;
  • only one application accepted per tranche;
  • applicants must have submitted a Basic Payment Scheme application prior to applying for TAMS II;
  • applicants who apply for animal housing and/or nutrient storage must have the required 16/18/20/22 weeks’ storage; and,
  • applicants found to be in non-compliance with nitrates slurry storage requirements will not be eligible for grant aid and the DAFM may issue penalties or sanctions.