Over 25% of BDGP participants left carbon navigator requirements to the last minute

Over 25% of participants in the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) had still to complete their carbon navigator requirements heading into the bank holiday weekend.

As of Friday evening, October 27, a total of 6,859 participants across both the first and second tranche of the programme had still to complete their carbon navigator requirements. The deadline for completion of these measures was October 31.

It was confirmed recently by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, that some 25,380 farmers were taking part in the programme across both tranches.

The department confirmed to AgriLand that, as of Friday evening, some 1,371 participants in the second tranche of the programme had completed and submitted their carbon navigator via an approved advisor – a full list of which is available online.

The cost of availing of an approved advisor to submit the carbon navigator is covered by the department.

Meanwhile, participants in the first tranche of the scheme initially submitted their carbon navigators last year. These participants were also required to provide updated information before the end of October.

Department figures show that a total of 17,151 BDGP I participants had submitted their updates online or through the submission of key data via survey forms issued by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) to each applicant.

These forms were set to cover areas such as grazing season length, fertiliser use and slurry spreading.

Final figures for the number of participants who managed to complete their individual carbon navigator requirements prior to the deadline are still being calculated by the department.

The carbon navigator quantifies the environmental gains that can be made on each applicant’s farm by setting targets in key areas, such as grassland management, the department explained.

Knowledge Transfer payments commence

Yesterday, Minister Creed announced that payments under the Knowledge Transfer (KT) Programme have commenced.

These payments will issue to farmers – in respect of the first year of the KT Programme – who have completed all the necessary requirements.

On account of how the programme is structured, payments are now rolling out on a sector-by-sector basis, the department explained.

Payments to farmers in sheep KT Groups have already been issued, while payments in respect of beef KT Groups will issue later this week. Payments for dairy, tillage, poultry and equine groups will follow shortly after, the department added.