Major Equipment returned to the recent National Ploughing Championships (held in Co. Carlow) with its “biggest line-up of machinery yet”.

Taking prominence on its stand were the company’s own low-emission slurry application systems.

Most notably, Major Equipment’s new dribble-bar and trailing-shoe applicators each come with a universal adapter – with an adjustable-height system for “maximum flexibility and improved flow”.

According to the company, the systems are designed to apply slurry as “accurately as possible, while minimising grass contamination and ammonia emissions”.

Martin Walsh – sales manager at Major Equipment – explained: “Both applicators have 30 outlets spaced 260mm apart.

They are easily mounted on the back door [of a tanker] without welding or fabricating, making them ideal for retro-fitting.

“Brackets, with settings in 60mm increments, allow either unit to be set according to the tanker’s height – making the system completely adaptable to any make or model of tanker. They can also be used with the existing splash-plate left in place.”

The units each have a working width of 7.5m. With the arms folded and locked into place, the dribble-bar has a transport width of 2.2m, while the trailing-shoe has a transport width of 2.4m.

A full lighting board is fitted as standard.

Both applicators are made from high-strength steel, galvanised and equipped with Vogelsang ExaCut macerators.

Martin added: “We’ve been customising tankers for over 40 years, so we know what works out in the field.

“Our customers have been asking for a simple, reliable and compliant solution that delivers value for money. We’re taking the best materials and components to offer better value with our own low-emission slurry spreading solutions.”

Alongside the slurry application systems (at this year’s ‘Ploughing’) was Major Equipment’s award-winning Cyclone rotary mower/shredder.

This “heavy-duty” machine is apparently designed for rugged environments. The manufacturer claims that it consumes 50% less power than an equivalent-sized flail mower – thanks to its patented “blender-style” blade system.

New Major branding

Notably, Major Equipment also revamped its branding at this year’s ‘Ploughing’. Martin explained: “Our business has grown and evolved over the years.

“We’re entering new markets and new sectors and we want our brand to best reflect who we are; what we believe in; and where we’re headed.”

An updated logo, colours and typeface will gradually be rolled out (across all products and documentation) over the coming months.